About Us

Aumran Amir Ltd

Who we are

Aumran Amir Ltd was founded by Daud Shahabi in 2001 but it’s history dates back to over 40 years ago as the Aria Store. From selling stationeries to radios to electronics, our enterprise was the sole distributor of many electronic brands in Afghanistan from Sony to Panasonic, JVC and many others throughout the years. Since 2001, Aumran Amir Ltd is the no.1 home appliance distributor in Afghanistan with over 300 dealers working with us to bring the best quality products for the Afghan people. Our brand portfolio includes the following: CHIGO AIRCONDITIONER ( SOLE DISTRIBUTOR) MEBASHI JAPAN WHIRLPOOL (SOLE DISTRIBUTOR) ARISTON HAIER ( SOLE DISTRIBUTOR) POLYTRON INDONESIA ( SOLE DISTRIBUTOR)

Why choose us

With the experience we have in this field, we can bring you the best appliances for your day to day life.

  • Easy to find our products
  • Modern Products for your home
  • Your kitchen will come to live with us
  • Genuine branded products
  • Available in all stores in Afghanistan

Facts about Aumran Amir

History - 40 years
Sole Distributor- 6 brands
Experts for support - 5 persons
Available- All over the country